Fuel For Thought EP

by Süp127 & DJ Phyzk

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The Fuel For Thought EP was made to spread awareness about BioFuels... it is inspirational and informational, and sounds good, too. The topic is still as relevant as ever, and so I've recently added a new bonus song that brings solar power and electric vehicles into the discussion... perhaps the precursor to a longer Fuel For Thought LP... who knows?!?

Check out the bonus track! All free for download - but feel free to donate!


released May 31, 2012

Lyrics: Süp127
Music: DJ Phyzk
Artwork (front cover): Sloth
Artwork (back cover): Kemik


all rights reserved



Süp127 Santa Cruz, California

Süp127 is an independent hip hop artist- a conscious rapper originating from the Bay Area, inspired by artists like KRS-ONE, Digable Planets, Living Legends, The Coup, & Zion-I. Always keeping a positive message in the lyrics, over an eclectic variety of producer's beats, with fresh delivery and vocal quality. Check his music out! ... more

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Track Name: Control Your Petrol
D-d-d-did you know, ya d-ya-d-ya-didn’t need to go (repeat x4)

Did ya know, ya didn’t need to go
To the gas station no mo’?
Yo fa’sho, you can make your own
Control your petrol, and never leave your home
All you need is: some oil of vegetable, a base to neutralize, a place authorized, a 50-gallon drum,
And to be able to follow this poem
Plus, it’s biodegradable, so don’t worry if you swallow some
I’ve made a lot of dumb decisions before
But I’ve never supported a petroleum war
And I’ll be damned if I’ma afford
The rising price of gas cause some guy’s sitting on his ass bored
So I’m searching for a store
Where the merchant leaves used vegetable oil outside the back door
But before I abduct the score
I gotta test the product to see how pure
It’s a process called tetrification
We add a gram of lye to a liter of water
Mix the concentration
Then in a separate containment
You need these ingredients to check the pH gradient:
A milliliter of the soon-to-be biofuel,
10 milliliters alcohol isopropyl,
2 to 3 drops of red phenol, and that’s all
Slowly add the concentration, measuring how much with a tool
Then when it turns to a lasting pink
Multiply the lye-water mixture to see how much you’ll need
Now, for every milliliter of concentration used,
That’s an extra gram of lye (or potassium hydroxide)
Needed to add to the vegetable oil to create the biofuel
Yeah, so depending on how much of lye and water you mixed in you can determine the quality of the veggie oil. 3 milliliters is good, anything 5 and over is crap, yeayeayea, but all right- back to the rap
(Tetrification complete)

Step 2: So now that you know that the goods is good
It’s time to mix the fuel like a good kid would
I mean that, you should try this at home
You won’t get blown, even if your accident prone
As long as you don’t, throw your spliff in the barrel
You could smoke in the room, there’s no fumes, no whiff to impair you
Plus you should care to, share fresh air through
Supporting cleaner-burning, longer-lasting, learning, organizing, forming teams for turning masses of organic farmers and commuting consumers into producers, users, and distributors of biodiesel gasoline
If it seems like too much hassling
Then just urgently rush your clergymen and such
Demanding the installation of your own local biopump
Or at least rashly asking
But for those listening
This next step needs vegetable oil, methanol, lye, leaving you with glycerine
And the biodiesel, obviously, then
Heat the oil with a water heater, when
It gets to 130 degrees Fahrenheit
That’s a fair enough height of heat for the pair to combine
That is, the fatty acid neutralizer
Made of methanol equal to 22% of the oil’s volume overall, plus
The available catalyzer
As I mentioned earlier, this could be sodium or potassium hydroxide
Whichever you prefer to stir
And don’t look at me cross-eyed
That’s just the lye, in other terms, so ya’ heard, word
If you choose to use lye, calculate 4 grams for each liter of oil plus whatever amount the tetrification derived
If you choose potassium hydroxide, it’s 5.6 per liter, plus whatever step one multiplied

So, add it all together, that is
The alcohol and the catalyst
But don’t let it settle, gotta mix, mix, mix
But gentle, for as long as it takes
For the lye to disappear, disassemble, dis-isintegrate
This creates, sodium methoxide
And the lye is toxic, so watch your eyes
Cover your hands with gloves
Make sure you don’t mix it in plastic, use a glass jug
Then, back to the water heater, make sure it’s insulated
Add the methoxide and the oil – you can’t keep ‘em separated
Then circulate it, in some way, using a pump or hose so as it to agitate it
Then letting that mix for one to two hours
Turn it off, let it settle, and the biodiesel is ours
This process is called transesterification
Because it makes methyl esters, y’know what I’m sayin’?
The next thing you need to do after you’ve
Let it settle for about a day and a half is: be sure to remove
The glycerol, which is at the bottom so ya’all
Better have attached a faucet or spigot or two to your drum or you’re screwed
Be sure to save it, and make soap or somethin’
Cause it’s actually more valuable than the fuel we made for combustin’
Now the last process worth discussin’
Is washing the biodiesel – it’s easier than the dishes
Check it, use the aquarium aerator from the tank for your fishes
Swish in water, change it and drain it
Until the refuse water is no longer tainted
With white, soapy particles
Then run it through a simple filter, and congratulations you’ve made fuel suitable for automobiles
(Transesterification complete]

Yeah, of course, this only works with a diesel engine
Notice, no modification was mentioned
I repeat, this process requires no conversion
Yea and so fill up and you’ll be cruisin’
Although, if you alter your car it will run on straight vegetable oil (except when startin’)
Another factor for your consumer awareness
If you decide to buy biodiesel rather than prepare it
Be sure to fill up on B100, which is from recycled byproducts which otherwise go to nothin’
B20 is plenty better than benzene, but sown from soybeans which may be genetically-modified, depending on yet another industry
So, support local, organic farming
Be vegetarian
I hope this was as fun for you, as it was for me

You ain’t heard nothing yet. Wait until we get into ethanol. Yo, that’s right. Shout out to all Santa Cruz biofuels, you know what I’m sayin’? This is Sup127 with the speak, and my man Phyzk on the beat. That’s right. You know what I’m sayin’. Why you still listenin’? Get out, go start a business or somethin’. I’m sayin’, a co-op. We could be doin’ this. Take it back, grow your own crop. That’s right.

All we need is a plant
Track Name: Global Warning
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Global warming
The storm is brewing
Once the methane the rest is ensuing
Global warning
The storm is brewing
Once the methane is released the peace is ruined

I think the beast is pursuing massive global destruction
Because they instigate such shit
By provoking, controlling production
Introducing corruption, they got us fussin’
At the same time, increasing pollution and ceasing discussion
Sublime images designed to mess with my mind
Propellers and accelerators, accelerating a crime
Against humanity, at an exponentially-compounding rate
No doubt with plenty unforeseen consequences we create
Combustion itself is a problem
Waste is violence while the surplus is rotting
Methane decaying, while we riding, aimlessly
Blazing blunts to stunt our awakening, sang with me:

[Chorus repeats]

Peace, what peace?
Our piece, what seems like peace is a dream of feasting on greed and meats that we shouldn’t eat
Without need
What seems like peace is spiritual disease
Ignorance is your insides, you can’t hide from the why
Wisen up, ‘cause why is not enough
Open your eyes up
Take a peek around the corner, after the peak of oil is reached
And supply slowly decrease, we gonna die, we’s a goner, if we don’t think
Realize it’s already past due
A lifestyle change to rearrange and even halt further damage
But there’s already so much damage doomed
It’s like karma is Newton’s law of physics, it’s gonna hit us
And the media never asked, why we’re the target for bombs of terrorists?
It’s perilous, that means danger
Is that jet that drops those bombs burning that fuel in the hangar
While I see bumper stickers that ask, what would Jesus do, in his manger?
He’d probably slash the tires on your Ford Ranger
The fact that supply has to come down to a remainder
For us to take action is blaspheme
I’m asking, where’s the passion?
And what’s the worth of ambition
When you lack compassion in your mission?
When you’re still trapped in a polluted prison?
When you hear the truth and you still won’t listen?
When will you listen?

Between blood and guts and guns and bombs
We must not fuss, we must remain calm
‘Cause killing’s wrong, and violence is not the answer
I ask for peace, but silence is the only answer
They say violence is not the answer
I ask for peace, but silence is the only answer

So silence is the only answer
So silence is the only answer
Silence, silence (whispers, repeats)

Up in this jagged system I follow pacifism
But our decisions lack this wisdom
So I’m asking for precision
Our complacent boredom is killing me slowly
Might as well go out in a blaze of glory
Track Name: Idontwannahaftawait4
Idonwannahaftawait4 them to finish earning all of their money
Idonwannahaftawait4 them to finish raping my humanity
Idonwannahaftawait4 them to finish burning every little thing
Idonwannahaftawait4 them to finish wasting, wasting away my dreams

This one goes out to the President
There’s a hole in the ozone, I measured it
You better get out your checkbook and take a look, ‘cause it’s evident
See you sold it next to your soul for a red cent
Independence, hah!
Global warming is the reason your head is so hot
If you turn off your air conditioning, you still might not care
But the air contains two major greenhouse gases
That is, methane and carbon dioxide, you lied to the masses
They are biohazards, ‘cause they magnify the sun’s rays
Unlike someone I give the sun praise
But I like the sun where it stays, a way’s away
Methane, the most abundant of all natural gas
Raises from the waste that decays and comes out of your ass
In your case, also the face
It’s 60 times worse than C02 and waits
In the atmosphere for 10 years then breaks
It’s bonds and becomes carbon dioxide anyway
So, it’s better to capture and first burn it
Like the generators in the sewers back in Nazi Germany
It’s crazy the ways we could be saving energy
Remembering that nation for something other than racism
So, carbon dioxide stays in, um, the atmosphere for 100 years
Before descending or whatever it does when it disappears
There’s methane deposits imprisoned
Frozen in the polar ice caps, where it isn’t
Gonna be for long, as they are slowly melting
Then the hydrates open, spraying, exploding methane like a runaway train
Like it’s snowing, and hell will bring, rolling in
A snowball effect as it collects, exponentially growing
Reducing all the world’s ice to a price we’ll be soaking in
Picture your coastline city submerged underwater
50 meters, as it continues to get hotter
As you, the President, represent my nation and slaughter
Iraqi men, women, and children, innocent civilians
Picture sitting in the suffering city as the bomb’s dropping
Crushing the buildings
Idonwannahaftawait4 the rubble
Idonwannahaftawait ‘til all the money runs out
We’re already in trouble
Track Name: World Depletion
Walking down the street
I’m talking but you don’t hear me speak
Stuck up in your driving seat
You’re making my world deplete

Oh yeah, I see you, although your window’s tinted
Driving that combustion engine
Making the ozone diminish
I wish this invention wasn’t so deadly
Pollution may not quickly kill me, but it sure is smelly
And the city is ugly, not to mention smoggy
I suggest you give up commuting, go out and lobby
Your Congress to pass
Regulations to test, inspect car emissions, and implement alternatives to gas
‘Cause cars are a mothafuckin’ scam
And if I’m missing all of a sudden
It’s ‘cause I’m messing up their program
And measuring up to no man
So I won’t stand for this conspiracy
Where government paves the land according to the plans of corporate industry
Woven together intricately
But my hands are empty
Because in order to survive to own a ride is a necessity
Our demise approaches inevitably
Over motors revving, my cries are deafening
Let’s shift gears, you’ll hear me out eventually
Otherwise fossil fuels burn endlessly
Which isn’t thinking sensibly
We’re going to have to change
I’m saying, immediately

[Chorus repeats]

Mommy, I don’t wanna die from monoxide poisoning
Second hand smoke kills, and so does oil, obviously
Comparatively, you’re inhaling less tar more directly with a cigarette
With a car you better not let it idle inside for 10 minutes, can you figure yet?
That if to enclose the smoke of burnt benzene equals death
Then to let it out into the earth is very threatening to our health
Because something is logically there
Blocking the air from passing into the space, it’s called the atmosphere
Keeping that nasty stuff here
So hear me, Mr. President
Whether your administration acknowledges the hole in the ozone is irrelevant
You’d better hope that some of the smoke is escaping
Or else our globe will continually fill until we’re all choking, suffocating
Gasping, I’m asking, what is the point of a big oil business
When years from now your ancestors will be murdered because they did this?
And not by me and my future generations
But by your own factories because you lack these persuasive rationalizations
And base your decisions only what you see
Well visualize your children’s eyes feeling stinging sensations because they can’t see
Through the pollution without using goggles
Lungs filling with air you can’t breathe coming straight from throttles
I swear, it’s all part of the master plan to sell oxygen in bottles
There was a time when water was free but now you’ve got to
Buy it, refine it, make it clean so you can drink it
‘Cause pollution makes acid rain from mountain springs
To underground streams and to our fountains and sinks
And to our lips, yeah
So I’ll get far without a car, taking my steps

These feet was made for walkin’
And that’s what they gonna do
Yo, one day these feet are gonna walk all over you
Track Name: Transportation Transformation
I want to ride my bicycle
Yeah, I want to ride my bi-i-ike
I want to ride my bicycle
Yeah, I want to ride my bi-i-ike
I ride a busted ass bicycle
Better than a tricycle
That’s so slow I’ll run down the road and beat ya down if ya even try to steal it
But I’m just lying to you, fool
Why would you even try to steal
My busted as bicycle
And for that thing have to be liable
Well yes, I guess it’s kinda cool
Matter of fact, that’s how I finded it, too
Lying there needing repair, upon my way to school
And I like to play with tools
So I propped it ‘gainst the fence
And once I saw it stay there for a day or two
I said, “Why spends
My time and money looking for a better method?”
It was a transportation transformation
A bicycle from a biped
So I led it home, which wasn’t too far
Found the missing pedal laying around
Underneath a car
And the bike was yellow like a star, spray painted
Somehow, someone managed to jam in the handle bars
I managed to straighten them
And the seat, busted out my ratchet set
Reattached the pedal, which didn’t match
But made it complete, and then I said:
I want to ride my bicycle
Yeah , I want to ride my bi-i-ike
I want to ride my bicycle
Yeah , I want to ride my bi-i-ike
So I rode my trusty crap bicycle
Cause I’m the best biofuel
Although the rain came and rusted my chain
I know where to buy some lube
Although I bursted a tube
I know how to change those, too
And although my bike may be slow, it’s been known to tow two
So, dude, hop on the pegs
It’s better than legs
I brought a pair for the hitchhikers
“Hey, you going my way?”
Yeah, you know it homie
Rollin’ on chromies
Stolen from some BMW, AKA ‘Bay-Em-Vay’
Plus, there’s only one brake in the front
And no gears
So make way when I come
Or else get ready to flip a great stunt
Like, Evil Kneivel, I go with no fears
I’m not safe
I was about 8 years, in the third grade,
When they passed that helmet law
And since then my parents made me wear it but I swear it, you seldom saw
That strap fastened around my jaw
I was a rebel, renegade radically rapidly rapping fool, but naw
I don’t mean to encourage making your brain into porridge
I know a kid that actually did get in an accident
But that’s because of a car
But anyway, tha’ts just my way
I ride with no lights at night, no tickets so far
Just a couple close calls
But you see, my ride never stalls
I’m never late
Caught in traffic, I’m mashin’ through the red
After glancing both ways
Being self-sufficient pays
And my only point, is that I won’t let you stop me
Like that joint I blaze
And there’s many more ways
Scooters, skateboards, rollerblades
Stilts, unicycles, pogosticks
They can make ‘em use hydraulics, electrics, leverage
Alcoholics, here’s another little clever idea from which you can benefit:
I want to drive on alcohol
I don’t want to ride on ga-a-as
I want to ride on ethanol
I don’t want to ride on ga-a-as
D-d-d-did you know that Prohibition was passed
That Amendment to our Constitution
By The Women’s Christian Coalition, or some shit
It was pushed in that position
By John D. Rockefeller, who runs much shit
And it really wasn’t about consumption of the intoxicant?
No kidding, you didn’t
Well, let me let you fill that in with this little tidbit
There it was written, no misprint
Prohibited for production of any kind, possession is a crime
Cause it’s real easy to distill ethanol, that undrinkable kind of alcohol
And it’s probably the cleanest, strongest fuel of all
But it’s time to evolve, because that Amendment was recalled
And you have the right to own a still
If you would just fill out a small one-page application
This revelation has political implication
Soon to be sweeping the nation
Needing a little more explanation
So you see, way back when it happened
There was no one rappin’, no representation
So the power of the people had no persuasion
And the corporation don’t want you to know
That all political power comes down to the farmer
So they take it
Replacin’ self-sustainable technology with what they’re wastin’
So now we pay them to pollute our ecology
Favoring them, disgracing us
Because gasoline was
Never meant to be a fuel
Simply the byproduct of petroleum’s processing
So by inventing the fool
To burn up their industrial waste
They kill two birds with one stone thrown, so cruel
Just like MTB is an additive they added in for them to be even more cost efficient
Your car’s engine is specifically designed
For the injection of this random concentration
But with a slight alteration
You could be racin’ more powerful horses
And not wastin’ valuable resources
Did I forget to say that Henry Ford’s Model T design
Could run on gasoline, or oil from hemp seed, just fine?
See you find, a lot out when you look for it
So don’t ignore it
Matter of fact, in order to monopolize the farm unit
They subsidize corn, it’s mostly used in cow feed
But cows don’t need to eat so much starch
So if you use it to make ethanol first
You could charge for it, and be self-supported
While the byproduct of this process
Could still be used to make your cows grow fattest and fastest
But lastest, it’s also an organic herbicide
Another important form of resource, self-supplied
And for those who don’t live in the countryside
If you can find ethanol to mix in with your gasoline
That’s all you need, an easily use at least 50% percent
Plus, with better mileage after your car’s computer adjusts automatically
So represent, your environment
And don’t be buyin’ it
If you don’t rely on it, you can’t bent
Yo, they can’t prevent…
They can’t prevent freedom from thistyrant’s tycoon, will ddie soon
As we apply these new knowledges to colleges and public schools
Or just buy a spool of blank CDs and spread this tool to the next head yourself
You have my consent, cool
Once we free from dependence upon their rules
I want to have marijuana to grow wild again because it has over 25,000 uses
Believe it, the pinnacle peak of plant life
Has the greatest return rate for oxygen, systematically removed
And I want to use ethanol to fuel my Goped
And be able to head to school
On a bike that’s red
And set up racks all around town for anyone that wants to ride on them
And we can cure global warming, by farming and just letting it veg, yeah
And tearing up all the cement
Planting orchards of free food
And labor could be organized on its own as we have an available hand to lend
Cause damnit the land on this planet was meant
To bear and share fruits
Fairly between animals, women, and men
That is the truth, this is the end
Track Name: Fuel For Thought (Outro)
Yeah, thank you for listening, attending
Lending your ear to hear, the Fuel for Thought EP
That’s right, attending the Biofuels Community Conference & Car Show
At University, Santa Cruz
Action Research Team, yeah, you know, Biofuels
Thanks for, Dave Shaw and Alyssa White, yeah
Be back next year, that’s what I’m sayin’
Thank you for everybody else at the Education for Sustainability Living Program
Thank you, yo, you know how we do, we gonna throw this jam
See, who got fuel for thought?
You got fuel for thought?
I got fuel for thought
I got a lot of fuel for thought
Yo, you got fuel for thought
Sustainable Solutions Caravan got fuel for thought
University of Vermont got fuel for thought
Project BioBus from Middlebury College got fuel for thought
Grease Works, Corvallis, Oregon got fuel for thought
Freedom’s Biodiesel got fuel for thought
Calaveras Co-op got fuel for thought
Boulder Biodiesel got fuel for thought
University of New Hampshire got fuel for thought
PacFuels, Ray Newkirk’s local Santa Cruz biodiesel provider, got fuel for thought
CU Biodiesel got fuel for thought
BACCUS, the Biodiesel Action Central Committee of Uber-Sustainability, got fuel for thought
Chico Biodiesel Collective got fuel for thought
Bend Biodiesel got fuel for thought
The BBC, Berkeley Biodiesel Co-op, got fuel for thought
Oregon State got fuel for thought
Utah Biodiesel Co-op got fuel for thought
So-Co, Sonoma County, got fuel for thought
Ray Kemp’s production of 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz got fuel for thought
Utah Biodiesel Co-op got fuel for thought
Biofuels Oasis and Kimber got fuel for thought
Biofuels Station from Laytonville, California got fuel for thought
And anyone else I may have forgot got fuel for thought
Yeah, got fuel for thought
We need to join a huge co-op across this nation, and then we can swap and just ride
In a VW bus, I take it, make it, yo, never combust, never combust
We gots to come up with a new method, I’m sayin’, eventually
Yea, yeah, so here’s some fuel for thought, sent from me
Track Name: Electric Energetic (Solar Powered Vanagon) [Bonus Track]
Uh, it’s all about that electric vehicle
The EV, the Tesla, the Leaf, the Hybrid, the Volt
But yo, what ya don’t know, what’s up with the VW?

Electric energetic
Powered transportation can still be coal dependent
So my soul is so organic
I want a solar powered Vanagon
To cruise a solar powered planet

Solar energy is the source of energy
All kinds, even oil, grew from plants like algae
And that’s what all animals eat or at least they eat other animals that eat
So all spawned from the sun, it’s the one energy
There in the sky, every day, consistent
Out of reach, far away, so close, yet distant
It’s what’s up, and it keeps us holding it down
So why you wanna dig up what’s down in the ground, burn it up and block out my sun with a cloud?
I’m talkin’ about smog, not fog, yo
Yeah, that’s right, I ain’t talkin’ about no storm

[Chorus repeats]

But I’m trippin’, what goes into solar panel production
Or like lithium ion batteries, what’s the environments pollution?
Or resource depletion, is it just an immediate solution?
What’s the ultimate plan to end destruction and an unhappy conclusion?
That’s a good question, my suggestion
I point you in the direction of local investment
Start your own business, so that your blessed with zero commute
Plus the fruits of your successes
Consume products that send the right message
Start a public garden and soon you can barter expenses
Or just trade, we could all have it made
If we knew where every part was made
We could finally start to save
And not profit off of the labor of slaves
Keep what it takes to sustain, well self-contained

Yeah, that’s right, punctuation mark, exclamation point
As long as we got sustainable, renewable energy based on non-renewable, rare minerals
Yo, it’s still unsustainable, like it’s planned to be
Uh, and so it goes:
It goes, neodymium, indium, gallium
Cadmium, selenium, tellurium, lithium
Cobalt, vanadium, chromium, metrium
Europium, cerium, unobtainium
Copper, nickel, and manganese
That’s right ya’all, so what’s the message, kids
Whether it’s fluorescent or incandescent
It’s still planned obsolescent
Uh, stop our coal addiction
Yo, that’s my sole conviction
‘Cause I’m on a solar mission, yo

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